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    Mission Statement: To bring knowledge, support and care to women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences, where women feel comfortable, heard, supported and cared for mentally and physically. A place where all women will be heard no matter how soft their voice is.

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    Therapy should be a safe place where you feel heard and your feelings are validated. It can be struggling to find that person you feel comfortable with opening up about your feelings. You deserve to have a therapist to help guide and support you through your difficult times in your life. Specializing in Pregnancy, Postpartum, Maternal, and Reproductive Issues as well as Child & Adult Trauma Therapy, Everlasting Wellness’s clinicians have the personal and clinical experience and the expertise to work with women and children through their difficult times in their life. You deserve a safe space to be able to express all your feelings and thoughts and not worry about being judged.

    "You don't have to get stuck in a negative experience. You don't have to be a victim to external events, or internal emotions. You can use your mind to take charge of how you feel, and how you act."

    -Dan Siegel

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    About Amanda Hunter

    Amanda Hunter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is certified and specializes in Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health. She has years of experience in an array of clinical settings as well as with most populations. She comes with knowledge and personal experience when it comes to mental health and postpartum concerns as well as starting up and growing a group practice.

    Please always feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. She is always here to listen and wants you to be heard. 484.706.9465 or amanda@everlastingwellnesscounseling.com.

    Postpartum Therapist, Pregnancy Therapist, Women’s Therapist, and Maternal Therapist

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