• A Perinatal Therapist’s Journey: Angelique Chelton

    A Perinatal Therapist’s Journey: Angelique Chelton

    August 18, 2005: I lay in a hospital bed. It was the wee hours of the morning, still dark outside and my husband slumbering in a chair in the corner of the room. The overhead lights were off, the machines silenced, a single light dimly illuminated the room. As I lay there awaiting the birth of a son who would never draw breath, one distinct thought floated through my mind- this experience matters. In honor of my child, I would work hard to make sure that this loss would ripple through my life to make a positive difference for others.
    In the nearly 20 years since that summer morning, I have made good on my intention. I have dedicated my life to improving the pregnancy & birth experience for countless people in our area as a childbirth educator, a doula, a lactation counselor, and a midwifery assistant. I have borne witness to scores of joyful births, empowered women, and connected families in the decades after my stillbirth experience. But my proudest moments- those that resonate within me- are when I sit in the hard places with people experiencing their own losses: a diagnosis making fertility difficult- another round of IVF- a miscarriage of a loved child- a heartbreaking fatal diagnosis of a longed for little one- a cry that never came after a birth…
    I returned to graduate school, so that I could continue companioning families’ transitional moments: to guide the transformation into new parenthood, to walk alongside those struggling with unexpected and difficult experiences around growing those families, and, especially, to hold a light of hope and care for those facing their own dark night of loss.
    Angelique holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is certified in Perinatal Mental Health, she is a Certified Grief Professional and a Certified Trauma Professional. Angie has served on the Board of Directors for county-based pregnancy loss support organizations and is a subject-matter expert on the sensitive care of the perinatally bereaved family. She is ready to support you at the Reading Midwife Center or virtually anywhere in Pennsylvania.

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