• Lotus Rising Trauma Therapy

    Lotus Rising Trauma Therapy

    It is not uncommon for people to have experienced some level of trauma in their lifetime. This can range from a birth trauma, fertility struggles, dysfunctional childhood, the sudden death of a loved one, exposure to violence, and much more.

    Trauma is not something that someone is expected to bounce back from, regardless of the severity and type. Sometimes the love of friends and family is what a person needs to recover, and for others, therapeutic support, is a necessary addition.

    Trauma therapy helps a person process through some of the most difficult times of their lives. A trauma therapist holds space for the heavy experience you have been carrying and walks with you through learning to hold it differently.

    Over 75% of Everlasting’s therapists are trained in trauma, hold trauma certifications, and are specialized in some of the most effective trauma therapies, such as EMDR, CPT, IFS, TF-CBT and Narrative Therapy.

    If trauma therapy is something you or someone you care about is interested in, we are confident that we can help and invite you to contact Everlasting Wellness LLC located in Sinking Spring and Royersford, Pennsylvania.

    In an effort to support the growth, knowledge and understanding of trauma for professionals in all helping fields, Lotus Rising is happy to announce that we are offering a group format, trauma consult to all helping professionals at no cost! Please see flyers below for more information and if interested in registering, please click HERE

    Lotus Rising Mission Statement: A safe and supportive environment of trained and highly-skilled professionals, whose goal is to support the care and healing of women, in all phases of life, who have gone through painful life experiences, so that they can restore and/or discover their inner strength and sense of self.