• IFS (Internal Family Systems)

    IFS (Internal Family Systems)

    What is Internal Family Systems?

    Internal Family Systems has the foundational assumption that we all have different parts within us that carry varying thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. These parts of us can sometimes conflict with each other and create cognitive dissonance and confusion.

    Just like a family is made up of different individuals with their own unique personalities and roles, our internal world is composed of different parts too. Each part has its own specific qualities, desires, and intentions.

    The goal of IFS therapy is to help create a healthy and balanced relationship between the different parts of ourselves and the core Self. The supporting therapist assists the client in developing a caring and curious stance towards their internal parts, encouraging understanding, empathy, and healing.

    Through Internal Family Systems, clients can learn to recognize and communicate with their parts, understand their roles, and ultimately transform their relationships with these parts. By fostering a harmonious internal system, clients can experience increased self-acceptance, self-compassion, and overall sense of well-being.

    Everlasting Wellness LLC has several therapists with strong backgrounds in Internal Family Systems. Many of our therapists incorporate IFS into other modalities, such as EMDR and traditional talk therapy.