• ADHD/Autism Assessments

    ADHD/Autism Assessments

    Types of Assessments 

    Everlasting Wellness offers a variety of assessments to make care more accessible to the broader community within Pennsylvania. These assessments can be used to help clients access support, some types of medical care and a sense of identity. 

    Current Assessments offered:

    • Autism: MIGDAS-2 
    • ADHD: ASRS (V1.1) & DIVA.5 

    Who is eligible for Assessments 

    Autism and ADHD assessments are currently being offered to individuals 14 years or older. We do not currently offer child assessments at this time. 

    Reasons for an Assessment

    Individuals may seek out assessments for a number of reasons. This will be discussed in your session with the assessor. Some of the following reasons would include:

    • Identity & knowledge on self
    • Medication access
    • Coordination of care
    • Accommodations 

    Always check with your providers to find out what assessment/assessor would be right for you and your situation. 

    Understanding & Disclaimers

    Part of the process in getting assessed is understanding the reason one may want a diagnosis or assessment. If you are being requested to get an assessment done by an institution or doctor you may want to discuss assessment requirements with them. Some entities will take assessments from Licensed Professional Counselors or Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Other entities will require a neuropsychological evaluation or assessment completed by a Licensed Psychologist. 

    The assessments provided by Everlasting Wellness are not to be used in the place of a Neuropsychological Evaluation. Always double check requirements and reasons for seeking a diagnosis. 

    What to Expect 

    1st appointment: Discussion about possible diagnosis, reason for seeking diagnosis, potential pros/cons, start assessment with assessor

    2nd appointment (for Autism Assessment): Discussion of findings and results with assessor + possible supports moving forward

    If you desire to continue therapy for diagnosis after evaluation: You can schedule with the Everlasting Team 

    ADHD Evaluations: 2 hours

    Autism Assessment Appointment 1: 2.5 hours

    Autism Assessment Appointment 2: 1-1.5 hours 


    ADHD Assessment: $250.00

    Autism Assessment:$450.00/$225 x2 (split payments into appointment one and appointment two) 

    Why not insurance? 

    Insurance companies may not pay for certain types of assessments depending on the age of the individual, rationale for diagnosis at the time, and other factors. Another consideration for an individual when choosing to get assessed by someone out of pocket, is the possibility of keeping the results of the findings to the individual rather than the insurance company or anyone outside of the assessor from being aware of the findings. The assessor is also able to provide a more non-pathologizing space for the individual in exploring their neurodivergence without the strict requirements of insurance.  

    Need a Neuropsychological Evaluation?