• Reading Birth Gathering Vendor Spotlight- Stronger Together Therapy & Doula Support

    We really have wonderful colleagues in the perinatal and mental health world! Everlasting Wellness is so excited to introduce Berks County families to Stacy Martinez of Stronger Together Therapy & Doula Support!

    Did you know that doulas have myriad benefits for expectant families? Some proven benefits of doula care, according to EvidenceBasedBirth.com include:

    • Decreased medical intervention in labor
    • Reduced need for cesarean by 26%
    • Reduced need for forceps or vacuum extractor by 41%
    • Reduced use of pain medication by 28%
    • Reduced dissatisfaction with birth by 33%
    • Reduced length of labor

    Those are some amazing benefits of doula support!


    Stacy shares:

    Stronger Together Therapy and Doula Support, LLC was founded by Stacy Martinez; LCSW, certified Doula with the main objective of having a continuum of services for mothers and parents. The practice focuses on perinatal mental health and Doula support, given that there is a direct link between the satisfaction of pregnancy and birth with perinatal mental health. All stages of motherhood and childbearing come with challenges and emotions; being a mom is hard! If you are in the pre-pregnancy stage, pregnancy stage, post-pregnancy stage, a grieving mom dealing with the difficulties of infertility and/or loss, a stepmom, or dealing with any kind of perinatal mental health, you can find the help you need here. Do not hesitate to reach out! I accept Highmark and Quest insurance, and self-pay is always an option. I offer in-person sessions as well as telehealth. My office is located on Fruitville Pike in Lancaster and I have a room dedicated to mothers with young children, which provides a changing pad, a rocking chair, privacy to nurse, and some small toys. My phone number is 717-382-8169 and my email is stacy@strongertogetherllc.net. My website is www.strongertogetherllc.net. You are not alone; you are not to blame; there is help available!


    We are so excited to introduce our community to Stacy and Stronger Together Therapy and Doula Support! Come see Stacy and many other perinatal experts and support services on Sunday, October 23rd 1-4 pm at the Barn at Cahoosing, 9 Evans Hill Rd, Sinking Spring, PA.

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