• Cicely, MA

    Cicely, MA

    My most valuable skills were not acquired during grad school or within the walls of a classroom, but from my lived experiences. I am proud to be a vocal member of several social and cultural margins: Female, BIPOC, LGBTQA+, ACOA, and others. I use my life experience paired with my education to create a supportive counseling atmosphere where the goal is to ensure that my clients feel heard and seen! Humor and safety are important components of my life and therefore are integral components of my treatment.

    I provide a space to allow individuals to express their struggles without judgement.

    I aim to join with my clients to create space that celebrates:

    • Challenging society’s view of success
    • Defining and embracing your household’s composition to what works for you.
    • Exploring your needs as a parent, adolescent, student, spouse, etc.
    • Navigating through your upbringing to see how much of that is impacting how you are trying to live today.
    • Setting boundaries (one of my favorites!)
    • Viewing the connections between relationships, past and present.

    With the teen population, I provide a space for teens to:

    • Be heard during a period of development when no one seems to listen.
    • Ask questions without anyone jumping into panic mode or to conclusions.
    • Improve communication skills to in preparation for challenging conversations and self-advocacy.
    • Set and respect boundaries.
    • Balance the conflicting expectations of dependency and independency

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