• Colleen, MA

    Colleen, MA

    Colleen is a therapist at Everlasting Wellness and received her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Moravian Seminary in 2020. She has extensive training in trauma, neurodivergence, and relationships/intimacy. She offers Brainspotting and EMDR therapy.

    Colleen counsels teenagers, young adults, and adults. She identifies as neurodivergent. In addition to her training, Colleen has years of experience working with domestic violence, sexual violence, couple’s counseling, individuals that engage in infideility, ADHD, spirituality, and dream work.

    Colleen’s therapeutic style is a gentle and compassionate approach. She offers a judgement free space and provides redirection with open ended questioning to the client. Colleen believes that the therapy process should be a consensual human interaction that inevitably gives clients the skills to thrive on their own path.

    Outside of session, Colleen likes to try new foods, play with her two dogs, visit the beach, and collect Disney themed backpacks.

    Colleen offers sessions virtually.