• Gabrielle, LCSW | ASCEND Supervisor

    Gabrielle (Gabby) is a licensed clinical social worker and ASCEND Program Supervisor at Everlasting Wellness. Gabby graduated from Arizona State University with her Masters Degree in Social Work, and Kutztown University with her Bachelors in Social Work and Psychology. Gabby’s passions include working with motivated clients and couples who experience symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, struggles with boundaries, and struggles maintaining self-care. Gabby works with individuals, couples, and families; and provides licensure supervision to pre-licensed professionals in PA.

    Gabby’s professional experiences include working with individuals with anxiety, depression, ADHD, co-occurring disorders, youths in the juvenile justice system, and families in drug and alcohol treatment. Gabby believes every individual has their own unique strengths, and even in the worst scenarios, there is hope. She focuses on building rapport, identifying behavior patterns, and helping clients learn the necessary tools to be successful. Gabby employs humor, validation, and directness in her practice, while using rapport-building skills, trauma-informed approaches, strengths-based perspectives, and various family systems theories. Gabby is an ally with the LGBTQ+ community and is a sex-positive therapist.

    Through professional and personal experiences, Gabby remains passionate about helping others realize their worth within not only the therapeutic process, but within life. Gabby is a proponent of holistic treatment using goals, targeted interventions, accountability, and open communication throughout the therapeutic process. Gabby offers in-person and virtual appointments.