• Teena M.D. Scott, LMFT

    Teena Scott is a first generation high school graduate, as a result she is passionate about family, community, and an advocate of social justice.  Teena graduated from Temple University with a Bachelors degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice.  After interning for the DA’s office she decided she wanted to implement systemic change in disadvantaged and underserved communities, thus she applied and graduated from Drexel University with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy.

    Teena currently specializes in treating couples through all stages, premarital, acclimation, sex and intimacy, infidelity, conflict resolution, separation, divorce, family blending, and co parenting.  Teena is a published author and the host of TeenaTalk on Bigo Live and TikTok, a wife and mother of three.

    Teena has been a foster parent and has adopted one teenager out of the department of human services system.  Currently treating adolescent youth starting at age 14, individuals struggling with identity and sexual orientation, perfectionism, anxiety, parents and children interested in addressing relationship and communication concerns, families in conflict, racial/ethnicity/immigration, and generational trauma.