• Graduate Internship Program, Licensure Supervision, & Consultation

    Graduate Internship Program, Licensure Supervision, & Consultation

    ASCEND: All Social Workers and Counselors Embarking on Neoteric Development


    The ASCEND program was created to provide an ethical, safe, and supportive learning environment for interns as well as pre-licensed therapists, to develop their clinical skill set/professionalism as part of a multidisciplinary private practice team.

    Graduate Internship Program

    ASCEND at Everlasting Wellness offers students a unique internship experience for graduate interns, including weekly triadic supervision, informal supportive consultation, and weekly virtual group supervision led by a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or Licensed Social Worker. Interns are assigned tasks to their comfort level, as well as tasks to promote professional and personal growth.

    Please email the ASCEND team a copy of your resume and cover letter outlining the above at ascendateverlasting@gmail.com.

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    Licensure Supervision and Consultation

    Everlasting Wellness LLC also offers licensure supervision for counselors looking for clinical supervision hours, as well as consultation for licensed professionals.

    Licensure Supervision is currently provided by Michelle, LPC and Outpatient Director, Breanne, LPC and ASCEND Director, and Gabby, LCSW and ASCEND Interim Director .

    Cost for individual supervision is $85 per session, and group is $60 per group session.

    Groups are currently facilitated virtually on Thursdays at 10am and Fridays at 11am.

    Please contact ascendateverlasting@gmail.com for more details.

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    ASCEND Leadership Team