• Weight of the World Support Group

    Weight of the World Support Group

    Everlasting Wellness LLC has developed a support group for adults to process emotions and thoughts related to recent tragedies and current events around the world, including but not limited to: school violence, women’s rights issues, war, and the pandemic. Weight of the World Support Group is a processing group, which means any Pennsylvania resident (18+) can join the group at any time to process emotions, reactions, and thoughts about the current events in our country and world. Each week, the Everlasting Wellness therapist(s) will highlight a different current event or topic. We are also open to more topics.

    Week one (6/15/22): School violence/shootings (safety concerns for children and teachers)

    Week two (6/29/22): Women’s rights issues (abortion laws)

    Week three (7/13/22): Ongoing pandemic (impacts on parents, children, individuals)

    Week four (7/27/22): Economic stressors (price increases for life expenses: gas/food)

    Week five (8/10/22): Current events and impacts on first responders and/or partners of first responders

    Weight of the World Support Group has been developed to create a safe, judgement free, and supportive place for adults to come together, talk and process current event stressors, anxieties, and worries.
    For $10 / person / session, you can join our support group by emailing Paxton at Paxton@everlastingwellnesscounseling.com. Once the payment is received, you will receive the link for the group.