• Reading Birth Gathering Vendor Spotlight!- Serene Medical Massage


    Yet another amazing vendor with the Reading Birth Gathering on October 23 from 1-4 pm at the Barn at Cahoosing, 9 Evans Hill Rd, Sinking Spring, Selene from Serene Medical Massage shares today about the amazing benefits of massage during pregnancy and postpartum.

    My name is Selene and I am the owner of Serene Medical Massage. I would love to take a moment and talk to you about all things prenatal massage!

    Pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful journey, full of hope, excitement and new adventures. That doesn’t mean it is all rainbows and butterflies though; morning sickness, pure exhaustion and achy muscles can wear anyone down and have you praying for 9 months to come quickly!

    Unfortunately, I don’t possess a magic wand that I can wave and poof make you feel like that perfect glowing gorgeous expectant mother we all see in movies but at Serene Medical Massage I do possess the knowledge and training to help you relax and feel better.

    Have you heard or thought about prenatal massage but aren’t really sure if it is right for you? I am a firm believer massage is for every BODY but the benefits of prenatal massage make booking one during your pregnancy a no brainer. Studies show prenatal massage with a licensed and trained therapist is a safe way to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, relieve joint pain and muscle aches and improve labor and newborn health. In 1999 a study at the Touch Institute found that pregnancy massage resulted in higher levels of dopamine and serotonin while simultaneously lowering cortisol. Massage also increases blood circulation and can help reduce swelling joints and help  improve sleep quality.

    Think reading about these benefits sounds great? Book your massage today so you can experience them for yourself! You can book online at www.vagaro.com/serenemedicalmassage or call/text (484) 808-4555.


    Everlasting Wellness is so excited to welcome Serene Medical Massage to the Reading Birth Gathering! Come see Selene and many other perinatal experts and support services on Sunday, October 23rd 1-4 pm at the Barn at Cahoosing, 9 Evans Hill Rd, Sinking Spring, PA.

    And keep up to date with the latest announcements by joining the Reading Birth Gathering event page at:  https://fb.me/e/2gg5SP8aW

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